ABC News did some serious, hard-hitting journalism this week when they purposely left behind iPads at TSA checkpoints in ten different airports, all of which had "a history of TSA theft problems." Nine out of ten iPads were returned, but some highly paid TSA worker at the Orlando airport stole the 10th.

After tracking the iPad to TSA worker Andy Ramirez's home, ABC did the sensible, humane thing and quietly contacted authorities. Just kidding. They waited over two weeks and then ambushed Ramirez as he was coming home from work. Not one to let ABC outclass him, Ramirez blamed his wife.

"I'm so embarrassed," he told ABC News. "My wife says she got the iPad and brought it home," he said.

The TSA promptly fired Ramirez. The lesson here, as always, is to make sure you turn off that Find My iPad feature after you steal an iPhone or iPad, otherwise ABC News will publicly shame you.