Ever so quietly, Nutella — AKA crack-cocaine in spreadable hazelnut form — has launched a coast-to-coast "Breakfast Tour" aimed at promoting the anytime treat as a "quick, easy and tasty way to start the day."

Now, we all know Nutella's health claims are bunk. Hell — they even know it. But that doesn't stop Nutella from being damn delicious.

If you haven't yet let yourself be consensually molested by its nutty goodness, now's your chance to give in guilt free.

Well, free, anyway.

The Nutella Food Truck — stocked full of free samples and spread-fare such as bread and waffles — will be making its second tour stop in New York City starting this Saturday through October 5th.

From there it's on to Philly, and then Washington DC. You can check out the full schedule here.

And remember: The Nutella Breakfast Tour don't quit until everyone is satisfied. Or someone gets violently ill. Whichever comes first.

[image via SocialMoms]