You might remember Republican Senate candidate Todd Akin from the time he said last month that women who suffer "legitimate" rapes undergo biological processes that prevent them from getting pregnant. It was one of the wrongest things a politician has said publicly in modern America, and Akin was criticized from people on both the left and the right. All that is apparently behind us now (what with Akin's former GOP critics supporting him again), and thus Akin is back to saying archaic nonsense about women.

This time Akin's comments pertained to his female Democratic opponent, Senator Claire McCaskill, whom Akin told reporters is getting defensive and thus behaving less like a proper woman should behave:

"I think we have a very clear path to victory, and apparently Claire McCaskill thinks we do, too, because she was very aggressive at the debate, which was quite different than it was when she ran against Jim Talent," Akin said. "She had a confidence and was much more ladylike (in 2006), but in the debate on Friday she came out swinging, and I think that's because she feels threatened.

In Todd Akin's mind, when a woman is aggressive, it means she's a desperate loser. That should explain to his potential constituents in Missouri all they need to know on what his women's rights policies would look like were he elected.

[Image via AP]