Gawker is on a quest to determine the most racist city in America. Your contributions are vital to the cause. Please add your insights in the discussion system below. Or if you'd like to nominate another city please send an email here. Today...Pittsburgh, PA.

City: Pittsburgh, PA

Population: 307,000

Ethnic Breakdown: 66% White, 26% Black, 4% Asian, 2% Latino 2% Mystery Box

History of Racism:

"Before the players could leave the floor, three fans from the visiting Brentwood student section ran onto the court in full-body banana suits. The fans surrounded the Monessen players and allegedly began making monkey noises and hurling racial epithets at the Monessen players."
"Highland Park pool is in Pittsburgh. And so young black men, typically, between, say, 16 and 20, tried to access the pool, and if they made it into the water, they were oftentimes beat and dunked and punched in the water. Eventually, whites set up, essentially, sentinel guards at the entrance to the pool, and when black swimmers tried to come in and access them, they were beaten up, sometimes with clubs. They were punched to the ground. They were kicked on the ground."
Discriminatory roller rinks.
A refreshing 19th century race riot between Irish and ITalina immigrants.

Police Brutality? Yes.

Hear it from Yinzers!


Pittsburgh is a place where there are extremely large disparities between the black and white communities. Last time it was voted the most livable city in the U.S. it had the second highest black infant mortality rate in the country. The major has been known to use eminent domain to break up prospering black neighborhoods and Jordan Miles was just the tip of the iceberg. Things like that happen every day.


As a Philadelphia resident, sure, there is rampant racism. But it can't come close to our Hill People cousins to the west, Pittsburgh.

Rooney Rule be damned, that city HATES black people.


It's Pittsburgh. The only segregated city left in America. AA's live in one neighborhood. (Hill District) Big time police brutality, and if you're not a playing for the Steelers good luck finding employment.