A 45-year Scottish property developer who had become so rich he was able to retire at 36 was sentenced to five years in jail this week following a major cocaine bust last year.

James Brown — that's his name! — had apparently been dipping so heavily into his colossal cocaine stash that his nose collapsed as a result.

Last December, police in the UK found nearly $300k worth of cocaine stuffed into every nook and cranny in his Bentley convertible. They followed that up with a visit to his hotel room at the Hurst House Hotel in Laugharne where a cache of weapons was uncovered.

According to the prosecutor in Brown's trial, the man was "introduced to cocaine" shortly after retiring to Portugal. He subsequently "developed a massive cocaine addiction," which he supported with the help of his millions of pounds.

The drugs left Brown with intense paranoia and several health issues, including a "cardiac condition." And, of course, a collapsed nose.

[H/T: The World's Best Ever, photo via handout via WalesOnline]