An ice cream maker out of Livingston, Montana, is facing boycott threats after the company's president responded insensitively to a Muslim customer's Facebook question about the contents of their product.

Wilcoxson's has been serving its tasty frozen treat to neighboring communities for a hundred years, but a sloppy reply from president Matt Schaeffer could cost the company dearly.

A Muslim Facebook user who wanted to know if Wilcoxson's Cookies and Cream contained any pork-based gelatin in it was met with a single-sentence response: "We don't deliver outside of Montana, certainly not Pakistan."

That would be a legitimate way to answer the unnamed user's question, if not for the fact that their location was clearly identified as "Sheridan, WY" right above their query.

"I thought he was making this comment from Pakistan," Schaeffer told the Bozeman Daily Chronicle, claiming he was thrown off by a nonexistent icon next to the user's name that read "Pakistan." "It wasn't a racist comment," he added. "It was just an honest mistake."

That would be a legitimate excuse, if not for the fact that according to a Bozeman Daily Chronicle article from May of this year, Wilcoxson's not only delivers outside of Montana, they specifically deliver to Sheridan, WY.

Wilcoxson's' Yelp page is presently being inundated with one-star reviews calling the company "racist" for its comment.

Schaeffer told the Daily Chronicle he has disabled the company's Facebook page due to "cuss words," and it will likely remain down for the foreseeable future.

[screengrab via STFU Conservatives]