Remember Todd Akin? The imbecile Missouri state representative who made those "legitimate rape" comments about five weeks ago? Well, now that some time has passed and he's officially still in the race to be Missouri's next Senator (yesterday was the last day for him to withdraw), Republicans are lining up to support him again.

The National Republican Senate Committee, which cut financial ties with Akin last month, is officially back on Team Akin, although it remains unclear if they're contributing any funds to his campaign.

"There is no question that for Missourians who believe we need to stop the reckless Washington spending, rein-in the role of government in people's lives, and finally focus on growing jobs in this country that Todd Akin is a far more preferable candidate than liberal Senator Claire McCaskill," Rob Jesmer, NRSC executive director, said in a statement.

"As with every Republican Senate candidate, we hope Todd Akin wins in November and we will continue to monitor this race closely in the days ahead," Jesmer said.

And of course, noted bigot and political has-been Rick Santorum, a man who literally cannot stop saying "hands," is now publicly backing Akin, alongside South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint.

"Todd Akin is a principled conservative who is committed to winning and fighting for freedom in the U.S. Senate," they said in a joint statement. "Todd will work to stop reckless spending, stop the out of control debt, repeal the government takeover of health care, support our military and defend life at every stage."

Missouri Senator Roy Blunt is also on Akin's side now, despite calling for Akin to step aside last month.

"Akin and I don't agree on everything, but he and I agree the Senate majority must change," Blunt said in a statement. "I'll be working for the Republican ticket in Missouri, and that includes Todd Akin."

No word if Karl Rove has decided to support Akin, which would be a change from his previous stance of wanting to murder him.

[Image via AP]