That headline was for the Daily Caller.

But seriously, Dirty Jobs host Mike Rowe accepted Mitt Romney's invitation to speak at his "micro-manufacturing roundtable" in Bedford Heights, Ohio, today, after the former penned an open letter to the latter calling for a "national conversation" on the need for more enthusiasm toward "underappreciated careers."

Rowe says he addressed a similar letter to President Obama in 2009, but received no response.

"We have unintentionally disconnected ourselves, in a really fundamental way, from the most important part of our workforce," Rowe told attendees at the free mini-summit. "I'm talking about the men and women who do the kinds of jobs that make civilized life possible for the rest of us. The people who keep the lights on, people who allow toilets to work, the people who pick up roadkill."

Rowe stressed the "need [for] more opportunity and training" as well the "desire" to do those dirty jobs, but didn't elaborate on why he thought Romney was better choice for blue-collar voters.

Despite the joint appearance, and the tacit support for Romney, Rowe told Bill Bennet this morning he was not endorsing the GOP nominee. Still, Rowe promised Romney he'd vote for him in November "if you read the whole [letter]."

Make of that what you will.

[screengrab via The Hill, video via BuzzFeed]