What good is a kids pool party without the constant fear of someone getting eaten?

Seriously, though, what Bob Barrett does is totally safe: you just have to be comfortable with letting your young party guests swim with alligators.

It's less scary than it sounds. For one thing, the gators have their mouths taped shut. They also have totally harmless-sounding names like Burger, Kermit, and Fido. There's no way you can be scared while swimming with an animal named Burger.

Barrett believes his alligator pool party service is the perfect solution to boring birthday parties.

[At bouncy house parties] you jump for a while and that's it, we've had that party before. Clown party, Chuck E. Cheese party, they've all been done.

Kids need a thrill, so unless that clown is John Wayne Gacy or the Chuck E. Cheese ball pit is full of rattlesnakes, these traditional kids parties aren't going to cut it.

So far, only a few parents have complained, but since Barrett has a permit to exhibit his gators, there are no laws being broken. (Barrett does, however, help the alligators cheat when they play Marco Polo, which is at least morally questionable.)

If you're one of those nervous, overbearing types, go ahead and ask the birthday boy's parents if there will be any alligators at the party before sending your kid off. Just know that when the gators revolt, the killjoys are getting eaten first.

[Image via Flickr/qwrrty]