There's nothing worse than the hiccups, except maybe getting shot in the face.

Soldier Isaac Young was suffering from a bad case of the hiccups when fellow soldier Patrick Myers tried to scare them out of him with a handgun. But rather than just spook Young, Myers' gun discharged, hitting the other man in the face and killing him.

Myers is a soldier at Fort Hood, as was Young at the time of his death.

Killeen, Texas Police Department spokesperson Carroll Smith explained the fairly straightforward case.

The victim had the hiccups. The suspect pulled out a gun to scare him in order to stop the hiccups. ... [The suspect] produced a handgun and while handling it in an unsafe manner, discharged the handgun striking the victim in the face.

Any other loose ends can probably be explained by the fact that the men were drinking at the time of the incident.

Myers has been charged with manslaughter.

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