Mom of the Year Bristol Palin is back on Dancing With the Stars, and she wants you to know that your hatred only makes her stronger.

Bristol 2.0 is a sexier, more confident version of the old model. She's slimmed down, which she attributes to eating better and chasing around the littlest Palin.

I think I'm just more active and cut out all the crap out of my diet ... My kid's a lot more rowdy. He's huge. He thinks he's a teenager. He's into everything.

But when it comes to her true strength as a Dancing With the Stars contestant, Bristol thanks you, the hater. Years of tabloid abuse have turned this once fragile 19-year-old into a 21-year-old reality star.

I was 19 [when I first did Dancing] and now I'm 21, and almost 22. I think that if I ever hear anything that's being said negatively about me or my family, that has given me motivation to want to do better.

Sure, the haters might make her sad sometimes, but she's learned from those experiences.

Mama Bear Sarah Palin, who has ample critics of her own, was in attendance at the Dancing With the Stars premiere to cheer Bristol on. Sarah is "just excited that this is a new, confident me," because sad, chubby Bristol was a total downer.

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