Daniel Radcliffe, The Boy Who Lived and Starred in the Harry Potter Movies, partied with some Irish Gaelic Football (soccer) players. And thanks to the miracle of Brit slang, we can say he "had a magical night on the piss."

Hilarious cultural differences aside, this seems like it was an exciting night for the Dublin minors, who were celebrating their first win this weekend. Radcliffe was there, because — well, no one knows exactly. He likes hanging out with footballers? He wanted to get pissed?

Perhaps, much like Harry Potter, Dan Rad just wants to be a regular dude sometimes. And that means going to house parties and drinking a lot while people take their shirts off. Presumably he knew someone at the party and wasn't just crashing, but the latter makes for a much better story.

As to whether or not, Radcliffe got wasted, you can judge for yourself. There's one sweaty photo of him lifting the team's trophy taken at 4:15 a.m., so, you know, probably.

EDIT: Gaelic Football is not soccer, apparently.

[Image via JOE.ie]