Chevy Chase is an asshole: this is nothing new.

And yet, the notoriously dickish actor still finds new ways to express it, as in his interview with Huffington Post U.K. Here are some of the highlights—

Community is boring to look at:

Well, I have to say that one of the things that bothers me about our show is that it is placed in that study room all the time, with the same light, the same colour — that's not interesting to see a lot. It's just joke after joke after joke around that table.

Taking the show was a mistake:

It was a big mistake! I saw this pilot script, thought that it was funny, and I went into the room where they were casting and said, "I would love to play this guy." Then they mulled it over. Then they hired me and I just sort of hung around because I have three daughters and a wife, and I figured out I might as well make some bread, every week, so I can take care of them in the way they want.

All sitcoms suck:

The hours are hideous, and it's still a sitcom on television, which is probably the lowest form of television.

His fellow cast members, whom he loves, are good but not great:

I think the reason I have stuck around is because I love these kids, the cast — they are very good. It's not like I am working with the great innovators of all time, but at the same time, they are my friends.

Louis C.K. isn't funny, but then, no one really is:

Yes, I've seen Louis CK. I wouldn't in any way make a degrading remark about Louis CK, but the question is do I think anyone is funny? And the answer is not too many people. He might fit right in there.

Listen, he's just being honest — it's a shit world out there, and none of us live up to Chevy Chase's standards. And it could be worse. He still gives a slightly less offensive interview than Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

[Image via AP]