Sofía Vergara's ass cheeks made a bold leap for freedom last night, bursting through the back of her dress just before their minder was due onstage to accept an Emmy.

Vergara tweeted a NSFW-ish picture of the ass cheeks, struggling with valiant though futile efforts to escape from the thong and gown that bound them, along with the caption:

"Yes!!!! This happend 20 min before we won!!!! Jajajajja. I luv my life!!!!"

Jajajajja is Spanish for "Hahahahha"; Vergara, a native of Colombia, plays the role of Sexy Latina on ABC's Modern Family.

As a warning to other jiggly body parts that might attempt similar escapes, Vergara tweeted a picture of the cheeks' embarrassing subdual at the hands of a hunchbacked henchman.

Many expressed surprise that the ass cheeks had attempted escape at a high profile event like the Emmys, where it was a given that they would be under constant supervision.

From their muffled confinement, the ass cheeks admitted they had "misread the situation."

Modern Family walked away with four Emmy awards.

Sofía Vergara had the best time anyone ever had doing anything, ever.

Images via Getty and Sofía Vergara via WhoSay