Calling himself "the world's only and oldest cyber rapper," Kwayzar The Seer (born Stanley Jerry Hoffman) is an 83-year-old "cyber pied piper" from Southern California who specializes in "politically driven Cyber Rap" — a new music genre of his own creation.

"Kwayzar from the edge of time brings you a fresh new driving force that breaks the boundaries of 21st century music," exclaims his Facebook page.

What exactly does that mean? Mostly that octogenarians can be half-decent rappers if they want to be.

"Writing and producing rap videos keeps me busy, keeps me active, and keeps me well," Hoffman told The Downey Patriot back in May. "I hope to be an inspiration especially to older people that they, too, can and should still lead productive, and thus meaningful, lives. The whole thing has become a labor of love."

Rap on, Kwayzar.

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