Earlier this month at Deadspin, I named the five most racist cities in America, but since I'm a privileged white asshole, my list was decidedly lacking. Residents of Philly, in particular, were quick to complain about their omission from the list. They desperately wanted it known that they are among the most racist shitholes and America, and I feel terrible for not obliging them.

You will find racism in every nook and cranny of our fair country, and you always will. But the interesting thing about racism is how strains of it vary from place to place. New York racism is nothing like Mississippi racism. You have to factor in the geography, the culture, the topography. Good racism is like a fine wine. One taste tells you so much about where it came from. That's why we've decided to expand our list to as many cities who deserve it.

But we're gonna need your help for this web-driven anthropological study. Hit me up over email or in the discussion section and tell me why your town deserves a place on our fair list. You can use empirical data, personal anecdotes, whatever you think will make the most convincing argument. We'll add your contributions as we go. After we've gathered as much information as possible, we'll determine the Most Racist City in America based on our completely unscientific research.

And please note that we'll include all forms of racism here, so if you think there's lots of anti-white racism in Atlanta, by all means state your case. And to start things off with a bang, let's introduce the first city on our list... PHILADELPHIA.

Image by Jim Cooke