Class act Patricia Krentcil — better known as "Tan Mom," because have you seen her? — is looking a lot less like a raisin these days.

In a new video posted by TMZ, she admits that she had a breakdown. (That would explain this, I guess.)

And despite what TMZ says, she's actually pretty coherent, although Krentcil's description of her past self is a little misguided.

I just love tanning. I like to be tan. I didn't realize actually until I saw myself how tan I really was. I didn't realize it. I really was dark. ... I was black. And orange.

Other than that, though, she's doing really well. She uses tan lotion, which still looks unnatural but is way better than the real thing.

As for TMZ's declaration that Tan Mom gives the "craziest criminal defense of all time," I have to cry foul. All she's saying is what she's said from the beginning — she never took her daughter into the tanning booth with her, and the sunburn was from limited exposure due to the girl's redhead complexion.

Got it? So let's stop giving this lady shit for a crime she didn't commit, and start giving her shit for the actual absurd things she says. Namely, "I was black."

[Image via AP]