You know how sugary soft drinks are bad for us, and maybe even worse for growing boys and girls? Well, I hope you're sitting down, because here are three new studies showing the correlation between kids drinking soda and kids getting fat.

To be fair, before this there wasn't substantial direct evidence to link soda and weight gain in young people — at least not enough to satisfy the beverage industry in the wake of Bloomberg's large soda ban.

But now we have scientific proof that subbing diet soda or water for regular soda can lower children's fat deposits, that sticking to a single no-calorie drink a day can curb weight gain, and that soda can aggravate the condition of those genetically predisposed to obesity.

This is useful information to have, whether or not you agree with Bloomberg's crusade. Sure, it's mostly stuff we knew already — aren't these common sense conclusions? — but it's harder to argue with facts and figures. Plus, think about all the delicious soda the kids in these studies got to drink. Lucky.

[Image via Shutterstock]