No one wants to come across like a twitchy, drugged-up crazy person on television, which is basically what we got from Dina Lohan on Dr. Phil last week.

According to TMZ's sources — and those tend to be reliable when it comes to the Lohan family — Dina knows she was a hot mess on the show, and she wants to clear her name.

Dina says she was in an extremely emotional state during the interview — she says she was taken off guard by questions about Lindsay's drug habits and Michael Lohan's alleged abuse ... which begs the question — How could she think Phil wouldn't ask her about those things?

Questions Dina Lohan would have been OK with: What's your skin care regimen? Do you have a favorite Lindsay Lohan movie? What's it like being your daughter's mom and her BFF? She was ready for those. She would have nailed it.

Hey, maybe next time. TMZ says she's already reached about to Dr. Phil about getting a second chance.

Whether she was drunk or sober, Dina's interview was supremely compelling television. While Dr. Phil hasn't yet invited her back onto the show, he'd be kind of crazy not to, right? Oh, and he wants to help her heal or whatever.

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