Two rival teen gangs who failed to resolve their differences with a "Gangnam Style" dance competition resorted to good old-fashioned gun violence, police in Bangkok said.

A report in The Bangkok Post says at least 50 shots were fired during a shoot-out that erupted following a dance-off that featured moves inspired by South Korean sensation Psy's World Record-setting hit song.

Juvenile gangbangers were hanging out at "an entertainment venue" in the city's upscale Ekkamai neighborhood when they began taunting their rivals, who were in the same establishment, with dance moves in a scene reminiscent of West Side Story.

Dancing soon gave way to argument which ultimately gave way to gunplay.

"Four people from the group returned at 6am and fired several shots into the sky," said one of the teens. "I tried to mediate and they agreed to leave. Three of them later returned about 8am and they sprayed bullets in all directions like in action movies. I and other people there were running for our lives."

Despite the drama, there were no reports of injuries. Police said they were preparing to arrest those involved.

[H/T: UPI, photo via AP]