You know how sometimes you'll put a yogurt in your office fridge, storing it away like a squirrel, that was specifically purchased for your breakfast on Friday morning and in the meantime it becomes this sort of beacon of light, this tiny orb pulsing with the promise of freedom and the weekend, and you wake up Friday morning looking forward to eating it, whistling as you get ready for work because you know you're about to start your day the way the Greeks intended? Well someone in this office stole my yogurt from the fridge. For this week's hate mail roundup, please join me in channeling all of these negative vibes at the ratfink who violated me. Have a good weekend!

Not cool.

The photos we are all seeing of the space shuttle strapped to the back of a 747 is not good news, contrary to what your friends on Facebook are saying. It is not cool. It is a symbol of how we have fallen so far economically as a nation that we cut funding to the main institution that pushes the boundaries of space exploration. It is a symbol of the countless kids who won't want to grow up to be astronauts.

Don't get me wrong. I am not saying that a space shuttle piggy backing on a fucking jumbo jet isn't a spectacular feat of physics in and of itself (it is). I am arguing that people should acknowledge the awesomeness, but also note the variables that led to this are mindfuckingly bad, and it's a travesty that many are not putting two and two together.

Whenever any of my California friends post any of the countless photos they have taken of the goddamn work of art flying on top of the other goddamn work of art to the former goddamn work of art's final resting place, I don't "oooh!" and "ahhh!" to myself. I cry a little inside.

Mike P.
San Diego, CA

This is better when you read it with this definition of santorum in mind.

Just read your article regarding Rick Santorum. What strikes me first is the hypocrisy with which you dispose of the conservative way of thinking. You corral all the liberal media's catch-phrases and dogma into a sad little piece of whine-alism, positing that conservatives don't read books other than the bible and that they are bigoted. Really?

I stumbled across your article by mistake, and I must say: you are so typical of the crying, scared, confused young college liberal idiot, who doesn't understand the real underpinnings of this country's greatness. It's not effeminate crybabies like you who sit in front of their computer, posting self-righteous drivel; it's folks who put on their gloves every morning and head out to work their asses off and NOT COMPLAIN.

The problem with folks like you is that you live cerebrally. All you do is think and type. When have you held a tough job? Have you been married? Have you struggled to pay the bills and feed your kids? Have you ever done anything besides pontificate and pat yourself on the back for doing so? You act like these silly fringe social issues are the underpinning of America and the crucial problems of our day. They are not. They may have a place in the occasional public mind, but it is not what 99% of America gives a shit about.

What America gives a shit about is a REAL leader that tells it like it is, and an economy that will help them get a job and pay the bills. Period. What Rick Santorum was trying to tell the country was this: The mainstream media is helplessly the crony of Obama/Liberals, and that they are brainwashing America. The media also sets the agenda, and puts lame-ass issues such as women's contraceptives at the top of the news cycle. Conservatives are waging a "war against women"? Really? Why would conservatives hate women? Do you honestly believe this shit?

I went to college and studied journalism. I wrote plenty of opinion pieces, and was so proud of myself. But then something happened to me: life. I got married, started a business, had kids, and went through all the tough times that a typical family goes through. And it changed me drastically. I realized that our founding fathers were incredibly smart. They put together a set of ideals and "rules" that set us toward a path of greatness. A tight-knit family structure, freedom from government intrusion, a capitalist economy, an unapologetic military, etc. I came to find the genius of their thinking by living it myself.

What overly-proud people like you lack is life experience and point of view. The hyper-velocity of the media and social networking have brought us to a place where any and every issue is thrown at us with venom and light-speed. But when you take a deep breath and sit back, here's what really matters: individual responsibility and family. Yep, that's it.

The liberal agenda rests upon the assumption that society "owes" the losers something. It crushes the spirit of entrepreneurs, and punishes those who overcome the odds. It takes from those who have beat the odds, and redistributes the booty to the people who are lazy and don't give a shit about making a better place for themselves. And here's the swan song: The media props these bullshit ideas up, like they are gospel. Ooops, wait…I said "gospel"…I must be a religious freak!

Look…America is about making your way, and shutting the fuck up. Your article pokes fun at the mores and ideals of our country's history, as if everything up till now was a big joke. What people like you don't realize is that-while you drive around in your faggy Toyota Prius' sipping a Starbucks-there are tough, conservative people like me, making this country go round. Change is ok-but not when you barf it out on a website, without thinking it through clearly.

Grow up a little and life some more life. Then, get back to me. I promise you'll think differently. And you'll be embarrassed about the nonsense you've given the Gawker world.

He just can't hang.

Hey Hamilton,

I read your article about how much you think P90X sucks. You bashed the program many times, yet I did not see you mention even once that you completed or even tried the program. I don't think you could hang, you delicate, skinny, runty little faggot. Pull your tiny little left-wing penis out of your boyfriend's asshole and give the program a shot before you go ahead and produce a poorly-written piece of shit like that. I could shit on a piece of paper and come up with something of more substance. Fascist, my ass. And get a makeover, dude. You look like a fucking 10 year-old.

You can't speak for all of us, but Clint can.

Regardless of what you think about Clint's speech, millions of Americans Loved It. He speaks for all of us who see what a DISASTER this loser president Is!!! Clint is awesome, a real man who's not afraid of the bullies in the press and the Hollywood sycophants. Anne

Meaning, "BS"

You are just talking a lot of bull.

This is actually a fair point. Noted.

Subject: OCD Chameleon? Really?

Not that you care or are truly considerate about breaking down stereotypes (there's a generic rant here, I'm sure you'll get more aggressive comments than I) but wanting to be clean does not equal OCD.

OCD is a life-disrupting (sometimes life-destroying) struggle with an uncontrolled need to act in a certain way, perform certain rituals/actions, and be seiged by racing thoughts. Few truly OCD people fit the popular stereotype of being "clean" - what is far more common is a pervasive fear of contamination, requiring repetitive cleaning, washing, and stress. Most of all, stress. And, you know, mockery in the public. Not everyone is Howie Mandell or Mark Summers (What Would You Do?).

People of the smart bloggo-joor-nulizm persuasion have long since stopped using "that's so gay" in a similar pejorative fashion to state something is lame or unappealing. I hope people realize that OCD suffers are subject to that same marginalization. (Clean =/OCD!!)

(By the way, this is the first time I have felt so compelled to call out such an unnecessary aspersion in my life. Over a damn chameleon video)

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