If you're a woman in this patriarchal world of ours (I imagine), sometimes you start feeling like you'll never get a fair shake. Like you'll always be subjected to the capricious whims of sexism. Like you should just give up. Well, ladies, take heart in the results of a new study: you're absolutely right.

Even scientists, whose entire profession consists of making judgments based on evidence and eliminating unjustified biases, are sexist as hell. Inside Higher Ed reports on a new study in which scientists were asked to rate fictional students applying for a position in their labs. The applications were identical, but some had female names, and some had male names. Roll that sweet, sweet foregone conclusion:

The scientists evaluating these applications (which were identical in every way except the gender of the "submitter") rated the male student more competent, more likely to be hired, deserving of a better salary, and worth spending more time mentoring. The gaps were significant.

Female scientists were as likely as male scientists to evaluate the students this way.

Even women who are trained as professional scientists are sexist as hell against women. What can you even hope for at this point, women? The game is rigged against you. I don't know what to tell you.

Oh—nice outfit today.

[Inside Higher Ed. Photo: AP]