Normally it takes at least three of something to make a trend, but given that the trend in question is the mock-lynching of an American president, waiting around for a third instance seems unnecessary.

Around the same time that a North Austin homeowner got the bright idea to tie an empty chair to a tree branch in effigy of Clint Eastwood's now-iconic "Invisible Obama," someone from Centreville, Virginia was arriving at the same racist notion.

In two photos snapped by an attendee of the annual Korean-American festival in Bull Run park and forwarded to Blue Virginia, a wooden chair with the word "Nobama" attached to it can be seen hanging from a tree.

It's unclear who put the display or whether they have any affiliation with Sen. George Allen, whose campaign sign can be seen near the "lynching." Allen, of course, has had his share of controversies concerning the use of racial slurs and his affinity for the Confederate flag.

One thing that is clear, however, is that this is a very disconcerting development that should be taken seriously now rather than in hindsight.

[photo via Blue Virginia]