Though her reign of vehicular terror recently concluded with her BMW being impounded, Amanda Bynes' trail of batshittery is not over by a mile.

The troubled "Nickelodeon star" was reportedly spotted freaking out a spin class instructor with her extremely odd behavior, which included removing her top and sitting around on a stationary bike for several long minutes applying makeup in a "tiny black strapless push up bra."

She was eventually asked to leave.

Despite being charged with two hit-and-runs and a DUI, being photographed smoking a "drug pipe" inside her car while driving around without a license, and reportedly having extended conversations with inanimate objects, Bynes told People she is "doing amazing" and denied ever drinking and driving because "because I don't drink."

"I am retired as an actor," she said in a rare interview with the gossip magazine. "I am moving to New York to launch my career. I am going to do a fashion line."

I'm not sure New York is big enough for both Amanda Bynes and Lindsay Lohan.

[photo via Getty]