What does the Creative digital ad agency world of the future look like? It's not what you might imagine—Mad Men in space suits, leisurely sipping martinis in their flying cars. It's about "thinking as much like a modern newsroom as it does a creative department," according to an Ad Age op-ed by ad guy Ian Schafer. What does that mean in practice? It means using lots and lots more buzzwords—strategically.

Sure, you could read the whole article. Or, you could digest this content on a frictionless modern online media platform. We've pulled a couple of paragraphs out of the middle of Ian's piece, at random, and highlighted each important-sounding but ultimately vague and meaningless buzzword for you. Digital advertising? More like [buzzword]!

Think of it as a creative newsroom that produces social content. It should turn out content optimized for sharing and deliver on a brand's brief over time — not the entire brief each time. Short, visual, "social quality" content that people can immediately react to, and are proud to share.

But what current TV show that a potential client may have heard of would this futuristic world resemble?

The process of arriving at the best social content looks more like "Newsroom" than "The Pitch." Creative and social staffers merge the zeitgeist with the brand ethos all day, every day. Creative latches onto trends immediately, before they expire. If something culturally important happens, you need to be able to build a concept, execute it and publish it without delay. That means implementing a frictionless process with quick client approvals, then tracking that content like a hawk and understanding when to pull the trigger on boosting which piece of content as it spreads.

Ian Schafer will be happy to provide you with this baffling service for one million dollars.

[Ad Age. Photo: sylvar/ Flickr]