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"You Make Me Feel" is not just a highlight of English producer Terror Danjah's second album, Dark Crawler (out Sept. 25 on Hyperdub), it's one of the most thrilling R&B songs I've heard all year. The rare all-sung track on an album full of instrumentals and rough grime tracks, "You Make Me Feel" exists in a state of flux: aggressive with its beats and ambient elsewhere, peppy in its bridge and laconic in its chorus and contemporary but strongly indebted to the '90s (multiple phases of that decade are referenced: new jill swing, 2-step, Timbaland-style wackiness). It's an appropriately satisfying series of payoffs.

"R&B is a part of what I grew up on & raved to in the 90's," says Danjah when we asked what it's like for someone someone who's best known for producing tracks with rapping or no vocals at all to dabble in R&B. "Singing has much more ear for detail, e.g. harmonies, vocal lead, chorus, different vocal stacking colors, etc. MCs'/rappers' vocal arrangement is far easier, and instrumentals even easier." He's worthy of the challenge.