Could Amanda Bynes repeat driving issues reflect deeper mental problems? TMZ sure thinks so.

According to a lot of busybodies who have been monitoring Bynes' behavior, she's become ... well, kind of a kook.

One person says Amanda came to the gym Thursday looking dazed and began speaking with herself — making comments and then answering back.

Another person says when Amanda was on the elliptical, she would stop suddenly and start "laughing hysterically for no reason."

Maybe she was thinking about that time she tweeted at Barack Obama. Hilarious.

The same gym source alleges that Bynes' condition is "deteriorating." Take that with a giant grain of salt, as there are no medical professionals involved here.

When she's not at the gym, Bynes is reportedly chatting with objects that can't chat back.

Several of Amanda's neighbors echo the concern over Amanda's condition. One tells us he observed her on several occasions having long conversations with inanimate objects.

It's hard to say how much of this story is truth and how much is a mix of nonsense and speculation. But Bynes' troubles are well documented, and at this point it seems unlikely that she's merely a bad driver.

Drugs, mental problems, or garden variety eccentricity — hopefully she's getting help for at least one thing on the list.

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