A Washington man was arrested this week after he allegedly pulled a handgun on a pregnant woman because he didn't approve of her smoking.

Police in Bellingham say a man in a blue Dodge pickup stopped next to a 28-year-old woman after noticing she was smoking a cigarette despite being pregnant.

When asked by the man, 24-year-old Justin Dain Palmer, "Who the heck smokes when they're pregnant?," the woman, who confirmed she was eight months along, responded "I do."

After an "exchange" of words, Palmer, who was approximately 10 feet away, brought forward a handgun and pointed it at the woman. After he put away the weapon and left the scene, the woman immediately phoned the police.

Palmer was pulled over a short while later and confessed to the confrontation, but not to brandishing a gun. A search of his car, however, yielded two 45-caliber Glock pistols.

Palmer is currently being held while the investigation is ongoing.

[H/T: Daily Intel, photo via Shutterstock]