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Jael Strauss' episode of Dr. Phil aired today, and it was basically just an extended version of what we saw in the 30-second promo that went viral earlier this week. When she finally calmed down after fighting with her family and fleeing Dr. Phil's studio before she could even step onstage, she expressed embarrassment that her current life as a meth-using stripper was being discussed in front of a room full of people. And then Dr. Phil revealed more secrets about her (without explicitly stating them) and she got embarrassed all over again.

She finally relented to his badgering and agreed to treatment. She and Dr. Phil embraced by a dumpster. It was poignant and oddly appropriate.

She's never seemed more vulnerable. Hard not to root for her. We can count on an update on her status sometime soon, as the producers are undoubtedly aware of this viral goldmine.