Why has The New York Times launched a new blog aimed at Baby Boomers, when the paper itself is already a testament to the sick, sad reign of the Jerks that Ruined Everything? "Our generation, the biggest in the country's history, has always given ourselves and everyone else lots to talk about," writes Michael Winerip in the opening post. "Booming [This is the name of the blog, LOL — Ed.] offers a wide-open space for these conversations."

What kinds of conversations will be taking place in the wide-open space of Booming? Here are some of the real, no-joke, actual articles already published:

  • "Why Can't I Read This AARP Bulletin?"
  • "Mellow Drinks in a Surprising Neighborhood"
  • "I'm Not Getting Any Better"
  • "Baby Boomers Who Celebrate Birthdays This Week"

As you can already see, Booming "won't be a nostalgic trip back to 1965." Nor will it be "one big Springsteen concert" (that's what the op-ed page is for). Booming bloggers "will not debate whether Barack Obama (born 1961) is a boomer if he texts with his thumbs" (never say never, Michael! This blogging business is tricky).

Instead, we'll get some great posts like: "Boomers vs. Millennials: Who's Really Getting Robbed?" How surprising: the answer is "boomers." Boomers are really getting robbed, by millennials, not so much at gunpoint, but in the sense that boomers have millennial children, who need to be educated and fed and so on. Yes, it's hard, being a boomer — but at least you now have a blog. A blog that will tell you things like:

If you loved Jose Feliciano's 1967 version of "Sunny," we'll tell you why you might also like Ben Howard's 2011 version of "Only Love."

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