For some of us, Fashion Week is one of the more confusing/ignorable times of the year. For others, it is THE MOST IMPORTANT TIME OF YEAR, by a long shot. For obvious reasons, Jennifer Eymere, an editor of the French fashion magazine Jalouse, falls into the latter category. In fact, it's so important to Eymere that she's willing to commit battery just to prove a point.

At a Zac Posen show earlier this week, there was a shortage of seats due to a pesky fire marshall. This left Marie-Jose Susskind-Jalou, Eymere's mother and apparent boss, without a seat. Eymere et al, being the typically reasonable fashion people they are, reacted calmly by yelling at the PR person in charge, a Lynn Tesoro, who is, in certain circles, a big deal. Tesoro apparently yelled back. One thing led to another, and then wham, Eymere slapped Tesoro in the face.

Eymere later owned up to the slap.

She claimed Tesoro was being inappropriate to her mother, saying that she first had to seat other people. "I said, ‘Don't speak to my mom like this. You have to stop to speak like that.' I said, ‘Be careful, I am going to slap you,' and she kept doing it, and it just happened.

"I am sorry, I know it's bad to do that," she added. "It was a small slap. It was not strong. I didn't hurt her, it was just to humiliate her. She humiliated my mom, and I humiliated her in front of her crew. Voilà. I just said at the end, ‘Now you know you don't f—k with French people.'"

Don't fuck with the French! Classic joke. Or it was, until the PR lady responded in a typically reasonable PR person way: with a $1 million lawsuit, claiming, "assault, battery, emotional distress, slander and/or libel."

And to think, we have two more full days of Fashion Week before all the fun is over.

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