Courtney Stodden's Italian greyhound, Dourtney Stodden, captured all our hearts when she received him as a present for her 18th birthday.

That was two weeks ago. Now, Dourtney Stodden is dying.

Stodden announced the news on Twitter late last night, tweeting a call to prayer for Dourtney:

An hour later, she thanked the beautiful people for their prayers:

Today, Courtney updated her sexy Stoddomites with the information that she was on her way to visit Dourtney in the hospital. She ended her message with a flirty valediction — hopefully a sign that things are looking up?

Until we receive confirmation that Dourtney is officially out of the danger zone, please continue to #prayfordourtney as you normally would.

Image courtesy of Courtney Stodden, via E!