Though Prince William and Kate still have a week left on their quest to chart a northwest passage to Asia, facilitating the trade of gold and spices is the last thing on anyone's mind; looks like this gal might be pregnant.

While speculating that Kate Middleton might be pregnant (God, Kate you look fat today — are you pregnant?) has been a favorite pastime of the public since before she got married (God, Kate, are you sure you don't just want to wear an empire-waisted dress and go barefoot? You look pregnant.), her latest shenanigans abroad have people feeling more certain than ever.

The Daily Beast reports that Kate Middleton toasted the Queen twice at a diplomatic dinner in Singapore last night, eschewing her wine for what was either water or vodka or both.

The Beast notes that it is "highly unusual to make a royal toast with anything but a full glass of wine," not to mention that it is incredibly unlucky to toast with water. Similarly, toasting with a coffee mug full of vodka might fly in the Party Barn where Kate was raised, but it's definitely not the kind of behavior in which one should engage when dining formally.

As if it weren't obvious enough when Kate demanded everyone in the room "knock one back for me and my baby!" the AP reports that Prince William told a local on one of the couple's tourism stops yesterday that he and his wife were "thinking about having two" children.

Indeed, it seems having two children is the hottest new celebrity trend, as True Blood's Anna Paquin gave birth to two children only yesterday.

The Beast also notes that William and Kate could probably make due with one kid in a pinch, provided they don't break it or anything, as a recent change in the laws of succession would allow the throne to pass to their first child regardless of sex. (Previously, a firstborn daughter could have been passed over in favor of a younger male heir.)

Now we just have to wait and see if we hear reports of Kate throwing up in the mornings. Then we'll know for sure she is either pregnant or chugging vodka out of wine glasses.

[Daily Beast // Image via Getty]