Jael Strauss placed sixth in Cycle 8 of America's Next Top Model, but with her days of smizing long behind her, she seems to have developed a meth habit. On Thursday's episode of Dr. Phil, she'll receive an intervention. Perhaps Dr. Phil will even yell at her like he's never yelled at a girl before.

Jael never fit even ANTM's reduced standards of what makes a model, but she seemed kindhearted enough. Her friend died of an overdose when she was filming the show and she behaved strangely as a result, eventually deciding to remain on the show and dedicating her picture that week to her dead friend. In 2007, she sued over the release of erotic photos taken of her when she was 16.

I know that this is a 30-second clip for Dr. Phil, so ew gross, but it does seem pretty insane. Insane enough to tune in to an episode of Dr. Phil, which is pretty insane, indeed. I'll let you know if anything else good happens after it airs.