Before he became president, Barack Obama promised he was going to close the Guantanamo Bay detention center before his first term was out. "I have said repeatedly that I intend to close Guantanamo, and I will follow through on that," Obama told ABC News in November 2008, shortly after winning the election. Almost four years later, Guantanamo remains open, and now another one of its prisoners has died.

Reports the Associated Press:

A prison spokesman says the U.S. government is notifying the prisoner's family and his country. Navy Capt. Robert Durand says the U.S. has launched an investigation into the cause of death.

The prisoner's name and nationality have not been released.

The military said in statement Monday the man was found unconscious inside the prison on Saturday. He was taken to a military hospital for treatment and declared dead by a doctor.

Officials are still awaiting a cause of death, but we do know that this is the ninth prisoner to die at Guantanamo. Six of those deaths were the result of suicide.

[Image via AP]