For all the shit she's endured following a youthful indiscretion, Kristen Stewart is now handling her cheating scandal like a pro.

She made her first public appearance since the incident at the Toronto International Film Festival premiere of On the Road. Stewart said she'd never considered missing the event.

I would have been happy standing at Cannes with the entire theater booing it as long as I was in that row with my cast and with Walter [Salles]. We would have been fine. I feel so strong with these people, and it's so appropriate. I belonged there.

In other words — come at me, haters.

While Stewart did allude to the scandal, she mostly talked about On the Road, an adaptation of the Kerouac classic, and her character Marylou.

But even when she was discussing On the Road, she put forth some seriously zen vibes. If Stewart is still fazed by her very public affair and break-up, she's not showing it.

The great thing about On the Road is that it really can crack open your shell, and I definitely realized things about myself that I didn't realize before. That I can let my face hang out and not be too aware of it, and stop questioning myself and not be afraid of strangers, and stop being judgmental.

I think it's implied that we can probably stop being judgmental, too.

When it came to talking about her vampire ex Robert Pattinson, Stewart wasn't quite as chatty. But it sounds like they've gotten to a place where they can at least share a red carpet without screaming and crying at each other's faces.

Asked about the November press appearances the former couple will make for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2, Stewart offered—

We're going to be fine. We're totally fine.

It's like she's evolved to a higher plane of existence. Have at it, tabloids: K.Stew is floating in a realm of quiet reflection. Namaste, vultures.

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