The good folks at the Democratic National Convention, ever mindful of the fundamental importance of equity and fairness in all endeavors—just kidding this place is a buzzing hive of status anxiety and barriers to entry based on a byzantine credentialing system!—generously allow the hoi polloi to wander the sacred floor of the convention space and rub shoulders with the delegates, but only for an hour at a time. Here's what it looks like AT THE CENTER OF HISTORY.

CNN's Gloria Borger is giving me the stinkeye.

And now she's like preparing to wretch in Wolf Blitzer's lap?

This place is thoroughly wired for media.

NBC News' David Gregory, dapper as ever. He always looks ready to lock it.

North Carolina Sen. Kay Hagan (she's the little one).


Fired up! Ready to go!

North Carolina Rep. Walter Dalton.

Dalton again.

Convention control.

CNN's Dana Bash interviewing hopeless ghost Michael Dukakis and his wife.

This guy knows it's gonna be a long night.

So does he.

James Taylor, probably not the only ex-junkie in the house tonight. Carolina was on his mind.

The crowd does some easy-listening dancing.