Most of the time when a person offers unsolicited parenting advice, it's annoying and frustrating, and you walk away none the wiser.

Sometimes, though, the person offering the unsolicited parenting advice is Grammy award-winning R&B diva Patti LaBelle and she's shrieking the advice, and calling you a "cunt" and dumping a bottle of water over your head, and being forcibly restrained by her security team, and you walk away $100,000 richer.

The New York Post reports that LaBelle has agreed to pay Roseanna Monk $100,000 in damages, following an incident that occurred in 2010, while LaBelle was appearing in the Broadway musical Fela! (to the tune of $50,000 a week) and renting an apartment in Trump Palace.

On Wednesday, November 10th, LaBelle noticed Monk's 18-month-old daughter, Genevieve, playing "near the lobby door" of the apartment building.

For whatever reason, the sight of young Genevieve exploring her world enraged LaBelle.

Here is where the story gets crazy.

According to court documents, LaBelle wheeled on Monk with all the fury of a Jersey Shore cast member who has just encountered an individual who is "acting fake." She began throwing "fuck"s and "cunt"s left and right. She dumped a bottle of water over Monk's head. She reportedly had to be held back by her "entourage" and escorted into a car, lest she rip up the lobby's plush carpeting and begin destroying the building brick by brick.

Just the type of normal stuff that's always happening in the lobbies of super fancy apartment complexes.

At some point during the exchange, Monk picked up and began cradling her daughter, though it's not clear from the Post write-up exactly when.

Following baby Genevieve's brush with Fierce Diva Realness, Monk reported that the child suffered "personality changes, sleep disorder," and "increased fear of strangers." Not to mention her increased fear of Patti LaBelle.

Though the suit has now been languishing in court for years, Monk's lawyer told the Post that LaBelle has just decided to settle—before being called to testify.

Monk has said that she will donate the entirety of her $100,000 payout to the Hope & Heroes Children's Cancer Fund.

Last year LaBelle defended herself by saying Monk was "more than 50 percent at fault" for the incident, which is not the same as 100 percent.

She also denied destroying that child.

[New York Post // Image via Getty]