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TLC's Abby & Brittany continues to gently tease out the privates lives of the conjoined Hensel twins by showing how they have adapted to performing the most common of tasks. On one of last night's episodes, they ate Chicago deep-dish pizza (stomachaches resulted), rode a Segway (balancing issues ensued) and drove a car.

They told the camera they each have their own driver's license as a result of each of them taking the driving test, although exactly how that works was not explained or clear since they both work in tandem when they drive (Abby controls the pedals, Brittany gets the short end of the stick and does the turn signal and they both steer). A documentary from a few years ago that showed them getting their licenses, did not make this any clearer. As usual, the answers beget more questions. (Are they each issued speeding tickets, and if so, how is that fair?) These people have endlessly ponderable lives, which is if not an outright gift, then some kind of consolation for their burden. The twins seem to think so — I noticed them punctuating a few explanations in unison with, "Isn't that weird?" The answer is always yes. That is the point.