When I think of things that should be in a political convention swag bag, I think colorful t-shirts, buttons, and unnecessary bridge-building projects for my district. The Republicans disappointed. The Democrats are even worse.

Everything in the official DNC media swag bag:

  • One Piedmont Natural Gas-branded Charlotte 2012 floppy plastic water bottle and carabiner.
  • One issue, Charlotte Business Journal.
  • One Charlotte 2012 Visitor's Guide.
  • One "Awesome Mini Game Pack" consisting of a handful of cardboard cards.
  • One Belk-branded leather-like portfolio.
  • One Charlotte 2012 fan, non-electric.
  • One advertisement for the Madeline Albright "Read My Pins" exhibit at the Mint Museum.
  • One AT&T-branded tote bag.
  • One mini can of Coke Zero.

If anyone would like to appoint me to a variety of influential positions in exchange for these collectible items, email me. The Coke is gone though.