The Democratic National Convention had the indecency to use footage of Ted Kennedy to attack Mitt Romney. Are your pearls firmly clutched?

The tribute video to Ted Kennedy screened at the DNC uses footage from his 1994 debate against Romney, in which Kennedy said—

On the question of the choice issue, I have supported the Roe v. Wade. I am pro-choice. My opponent is multiple choice.

Naturally, Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus is disgusted. Imagine the gall of using the words of a lifelong champion for civil rights and healthcare reform to support the Democratic platform. It's unconscionable.

Yes, surely Ted Kennedy is turning over in his grave, horrified at posthumously supporting the candidate he supported when he was alive.

Ezra Klein may have said it best:

Let's be honest, though — the Republicans are angry they couldn't get the ghost of Ronald Reagan to slam Barack Obama. Thanks for nothing, Gipper.