Australian national hero and renowned tosser of telephones Russell Crowe got into a little kayaking trouble over the weekend. Crowe and a friend were paddling in the water near Long Island when they lost their way. After it became dark, they paddled to the nearest shore, which was in Huntington Bay – some ten miles from where they began their voyage. Eventually, a U.S. Coast Guard ship approached, and Crowe flagged it down.

"He just needed a little bit of help, he just got a little lost," (U.S. Coast Guard Petty Officer Robert) Swieciki said. "It wasn't really a rescue, really, more of just giving someone a lift."

Swieciki and his Coast Guard buds gave Crowe and his friend a ride to their destination, thereby securing their fate as Australian folk heroes. Altogether, Crowe was out to sea for four and a half hours.

Naturally, Crowe denied ever being lost.

It's okay, Russell – who hasn't had to be rescued by the Coast Guard at least once or twice?

[Image via AP]