For those of us shown Jaws at a too-young age, this is pretty much a worst case scenario: a thirteen foot, 1,600 pound Great White Shark washed up on a New England beach Saturday morning. Fishmerman Gary Severa discovered the wretched sea beast early Saturday on a beach near the Rhode Island – Massachusetts border.

"It was pretty scary standing next to that thing…it made your adrenaline go cause he's stone dead, but my God, it has jaws written all over it," Severa said.

Officials closed two nearby beaches as a precaution, and, of course, shark scientists are super excited.

Greg Skomal of the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries told ABC News affiliate WCVB that they will conduct test to find out what caused the shark's death.

"We're going to look at the stomach - what it's been eating," Skomal told WCVB.

My guess is people, which means this New England resident has the right idea.

"I'm glad summer is over. Don't think I'll go back in the water…," said beach goer Kristin Allder.

Never go swimming again. In fact, don't even go near the water. This is why swimming pools were invented.

[Image via AP]