Sure, Clint Eastwood might have made headlines by having a one-sided debate with Invisible Obama, but the President bears him no ill will.

In fact, Obama says he's still a "huge" fan, calling Eastwood "a great actor, and an even better director."

Asked if he was offended by the speech, Obama shrugged it off.

If you're easily offended, you should probably choose another profession.

Wise words from a man who has endured his fair share of name-calling and cyberbullying.

Meanwhile on ABC's This Week, White House senior adviser David Plouffe was equally complimentary of Eastwood.

Listen, I think the president, myself, we all, I think, everyone in America thinks he's been an amazing actor and director and an American treasure.

Of course, it probably doesn't hurt that the cinema icon's head-scratching performance art took attention away from Mitt Romney, the candidate running against Obama. But yeah, no, American treasure.

[Image via AP]