Despite an oppressive ad campaign, The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure did not overcome its "What the hell is this?" vibe.

The film earned an impressively low $448,131, the worst ever gross for a film opening on between 2,000 and 2,500 screens.

If that's not impressive enough, The Oogieloves is now the 12th lowest wide-release debut of all time. Adding insult to injury, it allegedly cost a total of $60 million to make and market.

But The Oogieloves wasn't the only disappointment this weekend: Lawless trailed in second place with a very modest $9.7 million. That makes it the first Shia LaBeouf movie to not debut at No. 1 since Disturbia began the trend in 2007.

In brighter news, The Possession took the top spot with $17.7 million, which means Hollywood will continue to projectile vomit Exorcist rip-offs onto predictable audiences. At least this one is based on a true story.

[Image via AP]