China-based blog Beijing Cream offers the sad tale of a car crash that led to the spilling of 770 pounds of raw eggs — that's at least 6,000.

What's amazing is how many of the townspeople try to salvage the egg casualties, scooping up yolks and the occasional unbroken egg. Some returned the eggs to the man who'd lost them, while others brought their own plastic bags to take the eggs home for themselves.

As Anthony Tao notes, "If you're the kind who feels the need to scoop eggs off the street to take home and cook, you deserve your spoils."

It's not too hard to imagine that these people here, as the saying goes, have eaten quite a bit of bitterness in their lifetime, so that a mountain of broken eggs actually represents a windfall and something to smile at. This is part and parcel of modern China, of course, probably more revealing and true than most of what you read in Western publications whose bureaus are based in Beijing or Shanghai.

Kudos to the people in this video: when life gave them broken eggs, they made omelettes.