One Chinese family's night out at a karaoke bar turned deadly after their four-year-old son refused to pass the mic to someone else.

The owner of local noodle shop in the city of Xi'an, Shaanxi province, took his family out for karaoke in honor of Chinese Valentine's Day, and invited other relatives to come along. During the night, an altercation erupted over the toddler refusal to give up the karaoke mic.

His parents allegedly did nothing while their child threw a tantrum, and two of the toddler's uncles excoriated his father for raising a spoiled "Little Emperor."

Angry words soon turned to angry fists, which ultimately led to the boy's cousin retrieving a meat cleaver from the noodle shop and hacking the two uncles to death.

The man, identified only as "Mr Hui," was subsequently arrested.

[photo via Shutterstock]