Big news out of Earth today, where a (sort of) rare(ish) "blue moon" will be visible in the sky Friday evening.

However, as any newly-minted blue moon expert who read an article about blue moons while killing time at work will no doubt be so fucking eager to tell you, "blue moons" are not typically azure in color (though they can be, if certain-sized dust particles are in the air, or if you look at it from behind a blue piece of cellophane or if you are on drugs); this is just the name given to the second full moon that occurs with in the same month as another one.

Some experts are fearful that the moon's nagging, crowding, one might even say "stalkerish" second appearance in August is a sign that the moon has decided to keep a closer watch on Earth.

Many on the moon were reportedly furious that Moon King Neil Armstrong was allowed to die while under the planet's care earlier this month.

A more likely explanation is that "blue moons" are a natural phenomenon that come around, on average, once every 2.7 years.

The reason some months occasionally have two moons (one at the beginning and one at the end) is because calendar months are not synched up exactly with lunar months, which last 29.5 days.

Then again the moon, mostly magic, is probably just one of those things that cannot be explained by science.

To see tonight's blue moon for yourself, just look up at the moon tonight and, there you go, you see it.

[ // Image via DebAnne70/flickr]