Looks like the next season of American Idol just might feature a full panel of judges famous for something other than being judges on American Idol.

TMZ reports that Randy Jackson's role has been downgraded from judge to "mentor."

According to the website, Nicki Minaj is pretty much a lock to replace him at this point; an anonymous source reveals that her deal is "99%" secured.

This development has allegedly angered butterfly-incarnate Mariah Carey, who reportedly signed her contract with the understanding that she would be the only female judge on the panel.

Carey and Minaj have previously worked together as nurses and some kind of weird dolls.

TMZ reports that producers are hoping to bring on "someone from the country music world" to fill the third judging slot, because what the hell are Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj going to say to some hokey dokey singer songwriter?

Rumor has it American Idol had hoped, at one point, to sign Kanye West on as a judge, but that didn't happen because that was never ever going to happen.

TMZ reports that the show will add a fourth judge to the line-up next season as well.

(Hopefully just one of Nicki Minaj's unstable alternate personalities.)

[TMZ // Images via Getty]