We've heard a lot from the liberal press and so-called "fact checkers" — more like "fact chokers," am I right? — about the supposed "misleading statements" and "hypocrisies" and "outright lies" in Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan's big convention speech last night. But why won't the mainstream media report on the many different things Ryan said that were inarguably true? We've put the Gawker Fact Checking Team on the case and collected all seven of Ryan's true statements right here:

  • "There she is — my Mom, Betty."
    Fact-check: True. Paul Ryan's mom was there.
  • "My Dad, a small-town lawyer, was also named Paul."
    Fact-check: True. Paul Ryan's father was named Paul.
  • "I live on the same block where I grew up."
    Fact-check: True. Ryan still lives on the same block where he grew up.
  • "President Barack Obama came to office during an economic crisis."
    Fact-check: True. President Obama came to office during an economic crisis.
  • "My home state voted for President Obama."
    Fact-check: True. Obama carried Wisconsin in 2008.
  • "My wonderful grandma, Janet, had Alzheimer's and moved in with Mom and me."
    Fact-check: True. Ryan's grandmother moved in with him and his mother.
  • "[President Obama] created a bipartisan debt commission."
    Fact-check: True. President Obama created a bipartisan debt commission.
  • "Mom was 50 when my Dad died."
    Fact-check: True. Ryan's mother was 50 years old when his father died.
  • "Mitt and I also go to different churches."
    Fact-check: True. Ryan is Catholic, while Romney is a Mormon.

Take that, lamestream media!

[Image via AP]